Source : Hiking is one of the best activities with tons of amazing experience awaiting on its every steps. Your eyes will be mesmerized by the beautiful views and landscape while walking the path towards the summit, where all the hard work will pay off. Quote from Indonesia itself has a lot of breath-taking and well known mountains with incredible hiking track as one of the best attractions for local and international tourist. Quoted from, here are the top 5 mountains in Indonesia that crowned as the best hiking spot you’ll ever try !

1. Rinjani Mountain, Lombok

One of the highest and beautiful mountains exists in Indonesia. Rinjani Mountain located right at the heart of Lombok Island in Nusa Tenggara Barat. This mountain also hold the title as one of the must visit attractions in Lombok and popular among tourist. With approximate height of 3000 ft, this mountain has two hiking track options for beginners and experts. The most popular track to reach the summit is Senaru path, since this track has the best view to offer along its way, including rock hills and forest. It takes 10-12 hours to reach the summit using this path.

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2. Semeru Mountain, East Java

Dare to hike one of the active volcano mountain in Indonesia ? then Semeru is your perfect choice. Located on Probolinggo region in East Java, to reach the Mahameru summit, you can either start your journey from Ranupanu Village as the safest hiking track or Ayek-Ayek track, which is only intended to pro hiker since the path’s contour is more abrupt and steep.

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3. Bromo Mountain, East Java

Another gem located in East Java, Bromo Mountain is one the most favorite hiking spot among tourist. With the height of 2392 ft and active volcanic status, the highest summit in this mountain offers you with the best sunrise view ever. To reach Pananjakan summit, you can start hiking at 3 or 4 AM to catch the beautiful rising sun and take amazing portraits with an overlay grey desert at the background of it. You can also enjoy horse riding alongside the desert or go off-roading to reach Bromo’s crater.

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4. Jayawijaya Mountain, Papua

One of the highest peak in Indonesia and Oceania, Jayawijaya Mountain located on Dugunduguo region in West Papua. Not only the highest, Jayawijaya also crowned as the largest mountains that spread up to Australia continents. This mountain is also famous among hikers and tourist since it’s the only mountain on tropical island with its summit covered in snow.

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5. Papandayan Mountain, West Java

Located at an altitude of 2.665 ft above the sea, Papandayan Mountain becomes the best hiking spot for tourist that visited Garut region in West Java. Even though this mountain has a difficult hiking track, from sloping solid, steep rocks and abrupt cliffs, all your efforts and struggle will definitely pay off once you reach Papandayan’s summit and amazing craters surrounding it. You can also capture the wonderful landscape of Edelweis flower fields overlay around this mountain.

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