Source : beritasatucom Located on the east side of Indonesia, you can find the charming yet exotic island of Nusa Tenggara Timur. This place will sound unfamiliar to you, but the beauty of its island is as beautiful as other famous islands in Indonesia. If you are looking for a place to soothe your mind, then this place is a perfect destination for your holiday to avoid the crowd and get a little bit of quality time just for yourself. So, if you start considering to visit this breath taking island, quoted from, here are top 5 references of main attractions in Nusa Tenggara Timur that you surely don’t want to miss !

1. Komodo Island

More than 2000 komodo dragons lived here, where you can them crawling around freely in this island while looking for a prey. Every visitors on this island must be guided by local tour guide to guarantee the tourist safety from this carnivore. Komodo Island also crowned as one of the world’s heritage sites in 1986 by UNESCO.


2. Kanawa Island

Located 15 km from Labuan Bajo in Nusa Tenggara Timur, this island is a perfect place to enjoy the warm sun while laying down on its white sand beach. Accompanied with crystal clear blue water, you can enjoy many activities here such as snorkeling and diving to see the beautiful underwater scenery of colorful corals and fishes. If you are lucky enough, you can experience an encounter with amazing sea creatures such as manta rays, whale sharks and dolphins.

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3. Labuan Bajo

The best spot to enjoy the sunset view from this island ! Labuan Bajo is a fishing town in Nusa Tenggara Timur that’s become the main attractions from this island. If you are heading to Komodo Island, don’t forget to pass by and enjoy the amazing scenery of evening sunset with pretty orange sky in here.

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4. Wae Rebo Village

Also titled as the village above the sky, Wae Rebo is a traditional village located on West Satarmese district in Nusa Tenggara Timur that’s also a part of world’s heritage sites according to UNESCO. This isolated village will bring you one step closer to nature while enjoying the beautiful view on mountain hills around it. You can learn and enjoy the local culture and traditions while staying the night here with friendly native inhabitants of Wae Rebo.

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5. Kelimutu Lake

Located on Kelimutu National Park in Ende district, this lake is a part of nature’s wonders in Indonesia, with its unique ability to change colors from white, red, green, blue and dark brown. According to local myths and legends, this lake is sacred place where all the dead souls are gathered. With the approximate height of 1639 meters above sea level, to reach kelimutu’s Lake, you need to hike 2600 stairs along the way.

Source : beritasatucom

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