Source : This place may sound unfamiliar for you, but Raja Ampat has been a whole new gem of tropical paradise in Indonesia ! Located on Papua, Raja Ampat managed to enter itself as one of the best destination in Indonesia alongside Bali and Lombok. Quote from, your long trip will definitely pay off as soon as you arrived by the breath taking scenery of crystal clear emerald blue sea everywhere. If you are a nature lovers as well as beach lovers that love to spend time exploring a tropical island, then Raja Ampat is your match made in heaven. Find the hidden gem and prepare to get hypnotized while exploring these 5 best attractions of Raja Ampat that you should never miss.

1. Wayag islands

Located on the west side of Waigeo village in Raja Ampat, it takes 6 hours of road and sea trip to reach this stunning islands from Sorong, west Papua. All the waiting will be pay off once you landed on these small – gorgeous islands with crystal clear blue sea and turquoise nature scenery that will keep you amazed all day long. The secluded location makes Wayag islands still have a pure landscapes and sceneries. Go visit Karang island if you want to enjoy the best underwater scenery of colorful fishes and corals or if you want to try hiking experience with 90 degree slope track to enjoy the best sunset view from the highest summit on this island.

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2. Manta Rays washing station at Waigeo

Manta rays are one of the most famous species that you can find in Raja Ampat. Here in Waigeo beach, you can dive to see hundreds of Manta rays get themselves cleaned up by hordes of small fishes for hours. This rare scene has a benefit for Manta rays to avoid them getting infections from parasites that stick on their skins. To enjoy this scene, you need to be assisted by local guide to ensure your safety while getting close to these wild Manta rays and to keep you safe from pretty heavy currents on Waigeo beach.

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3. Salawati island

Salawati island is a silent witness of the destructions from World War II. On this island watery and sea, you can find lots of planes and ship wreckage landed on its seabed. Now, you can enjoy those wreckages as one of the most beautiful scenery underwater overgrown with corals and fishes on Salawati island while snorkeling or diving.

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4. Misool Island

Misool island is one of the largest island located on Raja Ampat, which is directly adjacent with Seram sea and offshore watery tracks for big mammals such as whales. This uninhabited island has lots of scenery to offer, from the soft white sands to the major views of big coral reef alongside its beach. You can also explore its blue mangrove forest and capture the home of thousands colorful fish and corals through the clear water.

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5. Cape Kri

Looking for the best spot to fulfill your excitement for diving in Raja Ampat ? then go visit Cape Kri ! Cape kri is the best destination for divers with amazing underwater view. You can see the big groups of gorgeous fishes and its home, the corals, in every shapes, colors and sizes. If you’re lucky enough, you can also come across with dolphins, reef and whale sharks here. It’s definitely going to be one of your best diving experience ever !

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