Source There will be no end if we’re talking about the uniqueness of Indonesia. This country has so many hidden gems that you’ll never get enough finding for. Not only its breath taking tropical nature, foods, culture and people, there’re also a lot of amazing phenomenon that only happens in Indonesia (guarantee you’ll never experience it the same in other countries in the whole wide world !). Quoted from and, if you’re not the type of person that enjoyed average holiday destinations and experiences, here are the top 4 of unique and rare attractions that you can only witness in Indonesia. Beware, these mesmerizing beauties are probably going to make you stay here a little longer than expected !

1. The Glowing Lava At Ijen Mountain And Crater

Located on Bondowoso, East Java, you can truly experience the famous blue fire lava in the middle of an active volcano mountain. This place is really popular among both local and international hikers because of its unusual blue lava color that glows in the dark. It takes between 3-4 hours to reach the perfect place to see this rare view on Ijen crater that’s located 2443 meters above sea level. 2AM-3AM is a perfect time to see the majestic blue fire lava.


2. The Changing Colors Lake In Mount Kelimutu

This active volcano mountain of Kelimutu located on Flores, Nusa Tenggara Barat. The uniqueness of this mountain lays on its 3 crater’s lakes that changing its water color from blue, red, green and white. Local people believed if one of the lakes is changing color, it’s time for them to present the offerings for their ancestors. To reach these lakes, you have to hike and pass the cliff with extreme slopes up to 70 degree.


3. Shine Upon The Light From Heaven In Jomblang Cave

Jomblang cave is part of Kidul Mountains complexes that’s located on Gombong, Central Java. This cave is a match made in heaven for you who loves to explore locations that are under the bowels of earth. To reach the bottom, you need to be guided by local instructor to ensure your safety while exploring this sinkhole. You’ll get a short training regarding how to cave and how to do the single rope technique (SRT) according to the safety procedure applicable here.


4. Enjoy The Exotic White Crater In West Java

Local people around white crater used to believe that this place was terrifying because every bird that flies above it would fell and died. But all of that myth turned into a smoke when they finally realized that the white crater is actually a really pretty, mysterious yet exotic place to explore. Some of the researchers concluded that the phenomenon happened due to its strong sulfur contents on this crater. Inside the fog, you’ll find a beautiful crater’s lake with blue and white color.


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