Source : Located on the east side of Bali Island makes Lombok suddenly became famous as top destinations among tourist. People that visited Bali usually take a ferry trip to visit this beautiful island. 

Quote from, tourism is the main source of income for Lombok Island, no wonder local government on this island is very concerned about the sustainability of its nature preservations.. As an alternative choice of new travelling destination aside of Bali, here are top 5 attractions and places to visit in Lombok that makes this island super precious !

1. Gili Trawangan

The biggest island of Lombok, Gili Trawangan, is the most popular spot among tourist, especially people that’s going for honeymoon. This island has been famous since 1980, when a group of backpackers found this island and started to expose its beauty. Accommodated by 5 stars resorts and hotels, Gili Trawangan is a romantic island to spend your day cycling around and sit by the end of the day at the beach to enjoy beautiful sunset with a lover.

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2. Sire Beach

Sire beach is the most popular spot to do any kinds of water sports, from kayaking, diving, jet-skiing, fishing, or if you want to just float around the beach. The beautiful natural scenery combines with crystal clear blue water makes Sire beach a perfect place for sun bathing.

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3. Rinjani Mountain

The most famous and iconic travelling destination among mountain lovers, Rinjani Mountain is the second highest mountain in Indonesia. With an altitude of more than 3200 meters above sea level, Rinjani Mountain crowned as the best hiking spot in Asia with beautiful sceneries along the way.

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4. Segara Anak Lake

Looking for a calming fishing spot ? Then Segara Anak Lake could be your perfect choice ! Camping on the side of the lake would be a great experience too. 9 hours of hiking will definitely pay off with the amazing landscape this lake offers once you reach there.

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5. Batu Bolong Temple

Located on Senggigi region of Lombok Island, Batu Bolong temple lies on a big reef by the side of the beach. The uniqueness of this temple could be seen from its name, “Batu Bolong”, which means the reef has a big hollow circle in the middle of it. Like other temples in Bali with Hinduism influence, to enter this temple you have to wear a traditional yellow fabric tied on the waist. This temple offers amazing views during sunset, since it’s directly adjacent with Agung Mountain and Lombok strait.


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